Our goal is to provide customers with professionally managed construction projects.  For each project, we pre-plan our activities, communicate our plans to the engineer and owner, and plan our activities again.  Planning and communicating are the keys to success in our business.  We can provide solid references to substantiate our efforts and talents in these areas.  Many contractors can build a project, but at Blakley our mission is to build projects that make everyone’s job easier and more enjoyable.


We love what we do, and we do better because of it.





We strive to prevent all injuries, and consider it our moral duty to accomplish the work safely. 


While the ultimate success of our health and safety program depends upon the full cooperation of each individual employee, it is the responsibility of our management and supervision to see that health and safety work practices are strictly enforced. Safety shall not be sacrificed for production, but rather considered an integral part of quality control, cost reduction, and job efficiency.




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